I've always been interested in media that presents esoteric concepts such as the soul, incarnation, energy systems, astrology, and other ancient knowledge and remixes them in the form of the new age and cyber aesthetic. However, within this media, it is common for these concepts to reveal a dystopia meant to illustrate the lows of human frequency. Rather than highlighting human greed, I have chosen to allow this fusion to fuel self-expression of the spiritual self and Black femininity, another topic at the core of my work. This self-expression hints at the concept of the avatar, in which the soul chooses its incarnate form. Using these various concepts, combined with the fashion elements, I highlight the life and story that the souls of my characters decided to inhabit. I provide a window into this world where the occupants vibrate at their highest frequency, allowing the true self to be expressed. I am only capturing a glimpse of their lives, a singular moment in which the viewer is invited to join in, altering their state of consciousness, matching the vibration of the subject, in hopes that those who gaze upon it may someday be able to allow their true self to shine.

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