Untitled, 2020
Oil Pastel on Paper (24”x 19”)

Untitled, 2020
Watercolor and Crayon on Paper (11”x 14”)

Untitled, 2020
Graphite on Paper (11”x 14”)

Untitled, 2020
Oil on Paper (11”x 14”)

Untitled, 2020
Graphite on Paper (9”x 12”)

Untitled, 2020
Watercolor and Crayon Paper (11”x 14”)


By painting the interior and exterior of my home I am exploring the connection between the exterior world and the interior self. My work captures moments of stillness and quiet reflection which represent self-exploration and inward reflection. Symbols of domesticity are prevalent in the works as well as a sense of handcrafted simplicity and looseness in approach to brushwork and color. These works are an attempt to take a closer look at my immediate surroundings and how they inform my inner world.

I am interested in what defines home and how that connects to the subconscious. Looking at the physical home allows me to explore the unspoken walls that exist in my internal world and to map out the environment. In some pieces, the boundaries between interior and exterior are clear. Other works blur the lines, raising questions about vulnerability and our subconscious interiors – who is allowed in which parts are accessible, and how do walls and borders serve us as symbols of comfort?

With this series of works, I am inviting the viewer into my home and asking them to join me in these quiet moments of reflection and domestic comfort while also encouraging them to treat these images as questions regarding subconscious interiors and spiritual landscapes.