Art is a way to express my emotions and explore subconscious thoughts.  While I am making art, I express my feelings in the artwork. Emotions seem like a way for me to find out some hints of my subconscious. By making art, I can turn my emotions into a visualized form, and based on these visualized forms I can learn more about my subconscious. I am experimenting with different materials to create various textures. Instead of depicting things in a realistic manner, I am trying to create a sense of feelings or emotions that people can embrace when they see my works by trying to evoke the feelings and environments that are held within memory. Given my interest in the subconscious, I don’t have an exact plan when I start a piece of work. I use nature as a reference to my own expression, therefore, I can have a starting ground for my artworks and let them develop freely from here. During the process, I experiment with different materials to create various textures, because all the materials in the world can be seen as puzzle pieces that I can use to create my works. Art helps me to understand why an experience triggers certain emotions that I have and based on the hints that art brings to me, I can learn about my subconscious.

Self-awareness I, 2022

Self-awareness II, 2022

Self-awareness III, 2022

Self-awareness IV, 2022