JULI WAGNER  | ワグナージュリ

季節的の花, 2023

Cycle of Flowers, 2023
Series of twelve gouache on watercolor paper with colored pencil

Why do I study Japanese? Growing up in Colorado, I was drawn to the idea of being able to learn about another culture and language, especially one with a code for an alphabet. Gradually my sketchbooks and bedroom became covered in vocabulary sticky notes. In 2019, while studying in Japan, I was drawn to the quiet, gentle, and thoughtful way of life to which my host family exposed me. The flowers of Japan reminded me of the beautiful flowers that my Grandmary grows in Colorado. Each flower chosen for this series represents flowers that naturally bloom in Japan. It bridges my childhood in Colorado and my future adventures in Japan— connecting where I came from, the people around me, and where I’m going. Flowers to remember, flowers to celebrate, and flowers just because! My Grandmary has been a constant source of encouragement for my artistic style and passion for Japan; this collection is dedicated to her.