The Junior Studio Art Exhibition features work from thirteen artists pursuing BA degrees in Studio Art at Pepperdine University. The Student Artists include Alyssa Anderson, Ally Armstrong, Alex Baker, Zion Chang, Scott Davenport, Mya Gordon, Amanda Huang, Emily Margot Knight, Yahtanae Miles, Caleb Noh, Fia Smits, Becca Tuska, and Carson Vandermade.

This exhibition is a collection of works created over the course of an unprecedented semester. The artists aim to show how art can be made in the face of and in reflection of society’s recent chaos and unrest. Themes tackle issues of culture, emotion, identity, and mental health explored through a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and video/digital art. The Junior Studio Art Exhibition proves that though they may not physically be together, the artists’ combined creative efforts still connect them in countless ways.