Emily Margot Knight

Artemesia, 2021
Oil, Glitter, Sequins, and Rhinestones on Canvas (4’ x 4’)

Judith, 2021 
Oil, Glitter, Sequins, and Rhinestones on Canvas (24” x 19”)

Stefani, 2021
Oil, Gliiter, Sequins, and Rhinestones on Canvas (24” x 19”)


The art I create, and even more specifically this collection, is fueled by the generation I was born into. Having started life in 1999 I know how reality shifted entirely in my first years. I am deeply affected by the internet. I lived a childhood without it, an adolescence testing, and am now in an adulthood beginning to understand it. The brand new entirely different society has made me understand the answers to the questions I pose. Knowing that my work, well known or not, will exist beyond myself makes me think a lot harder about how it represents me and what it has to say.  Going through all four years of college, arguably the time in one’s life with the most political growth, I saw a government be taken over by a type of evil that many could not predict. I am coming face to face with the extent of violence against women in this country. At the beginning of my life not only the internet changed but the general air of safety in this country. I grew up the first in a fully post 9/11 life. I live in the aftermath where ideas of conspiracy and prejudiced violence grow like a fungus. The gravitas of a man with so many sexual assault allegations being able to reach the highest level of office was both caused by and caused the rampant epidemic of violence against women happening currently. I want to portray that violence but in a feminine perspective. I hate the terms victim and survivor, those words are dependent on the perpetrator. You cannot use them without admitting that there was one. Women who experience these atrocities have to deal with a label that never separates them from action out of their control. I use common associations of femininity to display what it is like to be a woman and to experience femininity. Femininity that is constantly attributed to weakness or less than. I am investigating the realities of being a woman against the violence of the January 6th insurrection. Looking deeply into the dichotomy between a rough and violent world and the femininity it often takes down with it I am on my way to a lifelong journey of discovering what femininity means to me living in this world.