Deceptive Honesty

Kate Dalforno
Sadè Dawson
Mia Earls
Lavender Gai
Chloe Mcleod
Aaliyah Pitts
Juli Wagner
Kelly Wan
Gabriella Wells
Gigi Woods

November 17 – December 4, 2022
Opening reception Thursday, November 17, 5–7pm

Payson Library Gallery, Pepperdine University

Deceptive Honesty is an exhibition exploring the complexities of the ‘disguised’. Deceptive Honesty features painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital media by the student artists in Junior Interdisciplinary Studio: Research, Practice, Methods at Pepperdine University. In a world where image and outward appearance has dominated the media, our relationships, and our inward beings, these artists aim to challenge that narrative in interpreting what it truly means to be honest.

These selected works explore the relationship between self and our everyday interactions while upholding a certain image, or the image of an organization. Every individual is able to construct their own image which in turn might differ from the impression others have of themselves. We are pressured to uphold this image, so that we are ‘true to ourselves,’ while inwardly battling the truth. Deceptive Honesty takes you on a journey where art runs alongside the deeper meaning of what it means to portray the perfect image.