My materials consist of aerosol paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, and ink, applied to wood panels.  The function of my painting is to translate my struggles and experiences with Traumatic Brain Injuries and document them in a concrete way in order to inquire upon the iterative nature of memory.  I achieve this by appropriating the Suprematist toolkit to examine the effects of these  injuries on my own internal landscape.  By using a variety of mediums applied in an associative manner I am able to portray emotions, thoughts, and memories in a visceral way that transcends many of the barriers associated with more traditional modes of conveying this kind of narrative.

While my materials and process are traditional, my work resembles a dissolution of the strictly geometric Suprematist compositions. It  functions to help me analyze the oftentimes complex and confusing emotions and dreams precipitated by the fundamental changes to the way my brain, and therefore subconscious, operates.  By rejecting the representational I am allowed to more freely express these concepts and communicate them in a digestible pictorial form.

Installation View


SMOKEY, 2022

ESCAPE, 2022