Domesticated living, 2020
Mixed Media

Enviornment #1, 2020
Mixed Media

Enviornment #2, 2020
Mixed Media

Living Sentiment, 2020
Mixed Media

Strung Decor, 2020
Mixed Media

My art is about space and time… but like in a super understanding and cool way

All of the pieces of art in this body of work were made and are now displayed in my bedroom. My bedroom is where I spend most of my time during this stage of my life as it is also my classroom and my studio and the only private room in my house. My artwork documents and provides an alibi for all of my time spent in my room.

Whenever anyone spends their time doing anything, they produce something. They can produce a physical object, or new thoughts, or sentimental attachment. When a person spends their time making art, they have a piece of artwork to show for it. The new things that are produced when an action is taken is of interest to me. The new things that are produced are the only proof of a person’s existence during the time they spent doing that thing. My work is an attempt to pinpoint and accentuate this “proof of existence” quality of all things, but specifically, how art can materialize my own existence. I fill my room with art similarly to the trope of how a prisoner fills their cell with tally marks, counting their days and marking their presence. The tally marks from the prisoner are symbols of their time, but they are also evidence that time has been spent, and evidence of the prisoner’s proximity to the wall with the marks. My artwork behaves in the same way. My entire body of work, my installation is a symbol for my time that I spent on art, but it also embodies and is an embodiment of that time.

What makes my room in my apartment different for me from the identical room one door down the hall? It is different because it is mine and I have lived in it for an amount of time. Usually this difference would be intangible; it would be expressed in sentimental value. In my case, this time is expressed in artwork and my sentimental value is materialized into figures and structures.