Caroline Condor

Peeking in, 2021
Photograph, (17x22)

Woman Stuck, Looking Off, 2021
Photograph, (8.5x11)

Woman Stuck, 2021
Photograph, (8.5x11)

Portrait of Sea, No. 1, 2021
Photograph, (17x22)

Portrait of Sea, No. 2, 2021
Photograph, (17x22)

Portrait of Ocean, No. 3, 2021
Photograph (8.5x11)

Portrait of Girl & Sea, 2021
Photograph, (26x38)

Caroline Conder

        Individual perspective on the world is something that has always interested me. As humans, we all have our own unique perspectives on nature, other humans, and the world around us. We will never be able to fully understand and see from the viewpoint of another being, nor will we ever be able to fully understand the experiences they have gone through. Ultimately, we can only control and fully understand our own outlooks on the world around us. Existing, in itself, is such a unique, imaginative, and personal experience. When I was younger, I had an extremely imaginative and childlike wonder that still lingers today and has a strong effect on what I create. In much of my art, I like to capture that dreamy, childlike, wonder-filled perspective on the world and bring it back to life. Through my creative endeavors in photography and my experimentations with lighting, color, filters, and fabrics, I am able to simultaneously capture the world as I see it, while also creating a new world that exists merely in my imagination.

        Through my portraits of both nature and of people, I am able to capture the small details and characteristics that are innate to the trueness of their being. Overall, I like to think that my art is a direct translation from the creative thoughts I have in my brain to the viewer. Most of the anger and negative energy I have built up in my mind winds up coming forth in my art, through the use of happy, bright colors. For this exhibition, I have chosen photographs that I believe show the subject matters in their truest form. Through the use of bright colors, lens filters, and blurring my subject matter, I invite the viewer to see the world from my own personal viewpoint, which may be much different from their own.