Anne Marie Butcher

Dissociation, 2021
Ink on Paper (24” x 36”)

Vulnerability, 2021
Ink on Paper (14” x 17”)

Avoidance, 2021
Ink on Paper (14” x 17”)

On Track, 2021
Ink on Paper (14” x 17”)

Thoughts Translated Through Drawing, 2020
Ink on Paper (14” x 17”)

My Mind is Melting, 2020
Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper (14” x 17”)

Disillusion, 2021
Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper (19”x 24”)

Optimisim, 2021
Oil and Ink on Canvas (8” x 8”)



I am interested in the concept of using art as an escape, but also as a way to process and understand my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This allows my work to have a connection to what I am going through at that point in time. My work focuses on ideas of self-reflection, open-mindedness, avoidance, and optimism in a polarized, social media-obsessed society. The ink, paint, and colored pencil drawings use pastel and psychedelic color palettes to set a tone of escapism and wild imagination. My pieces also focus on the importance of vulnerability, specifically with the topic of mental health, which is shown through abstract and fluid forms. These overlapping and unrealistic forms translate to deeper meanings and relate to the constant flow of thoughts and the never-ending need for self-improvement. It also relates to the fact that progress is never linear and there will always be times of optimism and happiness, as well as anxiety and escapism. This most recent year challenged my way of viewing my life, myself, and others. As a result of being more open to improving myself and making an effort to find the positives in the worst of situations, I have become more open with others and a more positive, happier person. By being mindful of others and ourselves, we can create a more welcoming society that values taking care of one’s mental health. I like to think that as one’s well-being becomes easier to talk about, in turn, people will be more open with one another and less judgmental. Through learning how to love and be patient with oneself, it becomes easier to love and be compassionate towards one another.