Bugs in our Future, 2020
Ink marker and Color Pencil (8.3x11.7 )

Monarch, 2020
Photography (8x12)

Love me, 2020
Photography (8.3x11.7)

I have always been very interested in insects. Since I believe insects are the most alien-resemblecreatures on our planet. When you hold the notion that bees and butterflies are almostdominating human’s main food sources as the pollinators, we can see how important insects arefor our humans. I have mixed feelings about them: scared but also fascinating. I love thesilhouette, the structure, the texture and the color of insects. So what I am trying to explore is theidea of the relationship between bugs and humans and how it relates to the future. I am trying todepict the future world that insects are size of insects will increase enormously and destroy thehuman society order: buildings were ruined by insects, plants grow wildly since they are themain food sources of insects, human build shelters and trying to figure how to balance therelationships with bugs. I am interested in building a fantasy of a post-apocalyptic world withgiant bugs dominating the earth, and depicting the consequences from that situation. Forexample, I did sketches where humans might start partially evolving insects’ structure: wings,legs and head structures (inspired by Kafka’s The Metamorphosis). I also did clay pieces toexplore another possibility that an enormous bug could capture a little human and try to becomefriends. Here I use the big bug as a metaphor of myself of eagering to build a friendship withothers as well. The purpose for creating these pieces is not only trying to make people’sawareness of the beauty of the bugs, but also trying to provide people a space to consider ourfuture relationship with bugs, since the fact that the number of bees are decreasing through thepast few years. Through my process of creation, I tried a few new media such as the fast driedstone paper clay, the ultra light clay and sculpey with different toughness. For the form of art, Iam always very interested in stop motion and keep experimenting with drawing stop motions andclay stop motions. But at the same time, I am doing illustration pieces as well as taking picturesof my clay pieces with dialog boxes that resemble manga.