Is This Real, 2020

Doesn’t Feel Right, 2020

Don’t Blink, 2020

Inverse Part 1, 2020
Charcoal on paper

Inverse Part 2, 2020
Charcoal on paper


                  Shadows of the Apocalypse, 2020

                    Oil on canvas

In my work, I use drawing and video to convey my experiences and emotions from the past few months of quarantine. With the constant shifts and changes in the world around me, I often feel unable to gain footing on solid ground. I attempt to recreate this environment of feeling and explore how certain visuals can subconsciously trigger associations. Images I enjoy using are often sublime or eerie, with an apocalyptic feel to them. My body of work is a personal way of understanding my sometimes erratic mental states- from love to loneliness, anxiety to numbness, trapped to freedom.

My pieces also explore elements of contrast and dichotomy through light vs. dark, presence vs. absence, and negative vs. positive space. This is seen in moments where the video cuts to black and my drawings are inverted to show their opposite selves. I think there is something interesting in shadows and how they are only representations of a true form. I frequently feature them in my work for their dark and mysterious yet hopeful qualities.

Through video in particular, I find myself paying better attention to patterns and recurring figures in the world around me. I feel that by blurring or distorting images and creating chaos in my work, asking the viewer to guess what they are looking at, I am better able to instigate an immediate emotional response. The often abrupt speed and length of the videos gives a glimpse into the fast-paced environment of mind when in a state of heightened feeling. While some images are hidden or shown only for a brief period, others are revealed for longer to allow for thought and contemplation. Words also play a key role in my videos, though not in an obvious way. Short poem-like sayings are meant to direct your attention away from the images, almost like a red herring. My use of images to create metaphors is a way of alluding to feelings of anxiety or misunderstanding.